Avionaut Sky Q

Avionaut Sky Q
Avionaut Sky Q

Avionaut Sky Q

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Ensure your child's safety with Our Smalls Install Plus service, offering expert car seat fitting and lifetime support for your peace of mind.

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The Avionaut Sky Q, introduced as a variant of the widely cherished Avionaut Sky, continues to be a top choice for many families. It embodies the exceptional features of the original Sky model, including a ventilated shell for optimal air circulation, comfortable fabrics for a pleasant ride, and the capability for extended rear-facing up to 125 cm/25 kg. The Sky Q elevates the comfort experience further with its deep seat design, providing a cozy recline for the little passenger.

Notably, the Sky Q enhances safety with additional side impact protection, ensuring peace of mind for parents on the road. The seat's installation is straightforward, utilizing the vehicle's 3-point seat belt, lower tethers, and a support leg for increased stability and a secure installation. It meets the rigorous standards of Swedish Plus Testing and is fully R129 Compliant, marking it as a safe and reliable choice for child transportation.


  • Extended Rear-Facing: Allows children to travel safely in a rear-facing position up to 125 cm or 25 kg, promoting better protection in the event of a collision.
  • Comfort and Ease: Features a deep seat for extra comfort and a no rethread headrest/harness system for effortless adjustments as your child grows.
  • Enhanced Safety: Equipped with additional side impact protection and clear belt routing, ensuring a secure and stable fit in the vehicle.
  • Compact and Versatile: Its compact design makes the Sky Q suitable even for small vehicles, without compromising on comfort or safety.

Size & Fit

  • Child Size Compatibility: Suitable for children from 78 cm to 125 cm in height and up to 25 kg, accommodating a broad age and size range.
  • Installation Method: Designed for easy installation using the vehicle's 3-point seat belt and lower tethers, complemented by a support leg for added stability.
  • Swedish Plus Tested and R129 Compliant: Meets high safety standards, ensuring that the Sky Q is a secure and reliable choice for transporting children.
  • Affordable Extended Rear-Facing Option: Offers a budget-friendly solution for families seeking a high-quality, extended rear-facing car seat that provides ample legroom and comfort.

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