Besafe Pregnant Belt

Besafe Pregnant Belt
Besafe Pregnant Belt

Besafe Pregnant Belt

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Ensure your child's safety with Our Smalls Install Plus service, offering expert car seat fitting and lifetime support for your peace of mind.

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The BeSafe Pregnant Belt addresses a crucial safety concern for expectant mothers: the proper use of a car seat belt during pregnancy. With the safety of the unborn child as a paramount priority in daily life, this belt is designed to ensure the car seat belt is positioned correctly, safeguarding both the mother and her unborn baby. Despite widespread knowledge among expectant parents about pregnancy care, a significant oversight persists regarding the potential dangers of improperly placed seat belts. A 2021 survey by Folksam and the Chalmers Industriteknik Foundation revealed that 4 out of 10 pregnant women do not position the seat belt correctly, highlighting the need for a solution like the BeSafe Pregnant Belt. This product is meticulously designed for use from two months of pregnancy onwards and is compatible with a standard 3-point car belt, making it an essential accessory for every expectant mother's safety routine.

Usage & Installation

  • From Two Months of Pregnancy: The BeSafe Pregnant Belt is recommended for use starting from two months of pregnancy, accommodating the growing need for protection as the pregnancy progresses.
  • Installation with 3-Point Car Belt: Designed for easy installation, this pregnancy belt integrates seamlessly with the vehicle's existing 3-point car belt system, ensuring secure and proper positioning without the need for additional tools or complicated adjustments.

Importance of Correct Seat Belt Positioning

  • Protection for Mother and Unborn Child: By guiding the seat belt away from the stomach and positioning it correctly over the lap, the BeSafe Pregnant Belt minimizes the risk posed by a seat belt in the event of a collision, ensuring optimal protection for both the expectant mother and her unborn child.
  • Addressing Common Oversight: Given the critical finding that a substantial number of pregnant women inadvertently misuse the seat belt, this product serves as a vital intervention to promote awareness and correct use throughout pregnancy.

Key Features

  • Safety Focused Design: The BeSafe Pregnant Belt is engineered with the foremost intention of safeguarding the unborn child, offering peace of mind to expectant mothers by ensuring that the seat belt is always correctly positioned.
  • Ease of Use: With its straightforward design, the belt can be easily adjusted and fitted by the user, making it a practical solution for daily wear and travel, ensuring that safety does not compromise comfort.

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