Britax Swingfix M Plus

Britax Swingfix M Plus
Britax Swingfix M Plus
Britax Swingfix M Plus
Britax Swingfix M Plus
Britax Swingfix M Plus
Britax Swingfix M Plus
Britax Swingfix M Plus
Britax Swingfix M Plus

Britax Swingfix M Plus

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Ensure your child's safety with Our Smalls Install Plus service, offering expert car seat fitting and lifetime support for your peace of mind.

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Discover the SWINGFIX M PLUS, a straightforward car seat engineered for superior protection and convenience for children from 61-105 cm in height and up to 20 kg in weight. This seat simplifies the process of seating and harnessing your child, thanks to its innovative 90° rotation feature. Equipped with the latest ISOFIX connectors, installation is both straightforward and secure, ensuring your little one's safety throughout every journey.

Key Features

  • 90° Rotation: Simplifies placing and securing your child in the seat, enhancing convenience for parents.
  • Extended Rearward Facing: Provides optimal protection in frontal collisions by directing crash forces to the back of the seat and distributing energy evenly across the child's head, neck, and upper body.
  • i-Size Safety: Developed to meet the new i-Size standard and approved according to the latest R129 regulations, offering future-proof safety for your child.

Turn to Convenience

With the press of a button, the SWINGFIX M PLUS can be rotated towards the car door, making it incredibly easy to seat and harness your child. After fastening, simply rotate the seat back to its rearward facing position, and you're ready to set off.

Extended Rearward Facing

Rearward facing seats are universally acknowledged as the safest option in frontal collisions, the most common type of car accident. The SWINGFIX M PLUS is designed to maximise the safety benefits of rearward facing travel, recommending that children remain in this safest position for as long as possible.

i-Size Safety

The SWINGFIX M PLUS adheres to the latest safety standards, being developed in accordance with the new i-Size standard and fully approved under the R129 regulations mandatory from September 2023. This ensures that the car seat not only meets current safety requirements but is also prepared for future regulations, providing comprehensive protection for your child.

With the SWINGFIX M PLUS, Britax offers a car seat that combines ease of use with the highest safety standards, ensuring that your child is protected on every journey. Its convenience features, such as the 90° rotation and ISOFIX installation, are complemented by its commitment to extended rearward facing travel, making it an excellent choice for parents prioritising safety and simplicity.

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